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Launch Announcement for New Cancer Hospital near Parimal Garden

July 11, 2015

11th July, 2015


Apollo CBCC Cancer Care, the brand built by the most trusted Indian healthcare brand, Apollo Hospitals, and the largest freestanding Cancer Center on the US West Coast, Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center (CBCC), announced its new Cancer Specialty Hospital near Parimal Garden in Ahmedabad during a press conference today.

“CBCC is founded on the vision that no patient has to travel great distances to receive quality cancer care.” quoted Dr Ravi Patel, Founder & Chairman, CBCC. “Our new center in Ahmedabad City is another milestone in our journey to make Comprehensive Cancer Care reachable logistically & financially to all the patients.”

The duo of Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad & CBCC (Amrish Oncology Services Pvt Ltd) came together and launched the first Image Guided Radiation Therapy unit of South-East Asia to deliver more accurate and precise Radiation Therapy to Cancer Patients in the year 2006. Since then, they have strived to match the global standards of Cancer Treatment for the benefit of the society by implementing timely upgrades and bringing new treatment modalities to help the Cancer Patients. They also started an exclusive 12 Bedded Unit for Bone Marrow Transplant for Blood Cancer Patients in 2009. With due time, both the entities have now joined hands and turned Apollo CBCC Cancer Care in a joint venture under the entity, Apollo-Amrish Oncology Services Private Limited.

Continuing its legacy, Apollo CBCC Cancer Care is implementing the new treatment modality of Site Specific Practice with Multidisciplinary approach backed by the most experienced team of highly qualified Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists in Gujarat State. Oncology Team of Apollo CBCC Cancer Care has performed over 6000 Cancer Surgeries and over 8500 Radiation Therapies. The team also delivers approximately 3000 Chemotherapies annually. Over 106 Bone Marrow Transplants have been done at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit which is the highest number of Transplants at a private Transplant Unit in Gujarat State and has the cure rate comparable to any Transplant facility in Europe or USA.

Major General (Retd.) Dr Rajesh Kamran, CEO, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad quoted, “We are not just coming up with a new company or a new hospital, we are revolutionizing the Cancer Treatment in the city by introducing Site Specific Practice. That means, within the hospital, we have specialized units corresponding to particular regions of the body which are affected by Cancer and supported by specialized teams of Surgical, Medical & Radiation Oncologists.”

Apart from the treatment, Apollo CBCC Cancer Care is also focusing on Cancer Screening and preventive aspects of Cancer.

The upcoming Cancer Hospital is equipped with state of the art facilities for the best possible cancer treatments and utmost patient comfort. The hospital houses a Radiology Unit equipped with X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography,  Day Care Chemotherapy Center, Endoscopy Suite, In Patient Ward, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, 2 Operation Theaters, Neutropenic (for patients who are susceptible to infections) Ward and in house Pharmacy.

These facilities complement Apollo CBCC Cancer Care’s main Hospital at Bhat which houses 1.5 Tesla MRI, 64 Slice CT Scan, Mammography, Fully Equipped Histopathology & IHC lab, 7 Operation Theaters, 12 Bedded Stem Cell Transplant Unit, 2 Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapy and a Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic. Combining both the facilities, Apollo CBCC Cancer Care is the largest private Cancer Hospital in the region with the highest number of In Patient Beds with necessary ICU & Support Service Backup.

On a closing note, Dr Ravi Patel added that “Cancers developing in different parts of the bodies have their own unique challenges. The conventional approach to Cancer Treatment is outdated. The world is now moving towards to Site Specific – Multidisciplinary Approach and it is producing good results. Site Specific Practice is the need of the hour to lessen the number of Cancer Victims and increase the number of Cancer Winners!”

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