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Spilling the Guts about GI Cancer – Gastrointestinal Cancer and the Fight Against It

April 17, 2019

It is often said that with a good digestion everything can be turned to good health. About 70% of our immunity depends on our gastrointestinal system. Maintaining a good digestion and a healthy gastrointestinal system is very important for the overall health. However, many of us ignore and brush off discomfort related to our stomach and gastrointestinal system. Ignoring symptoms like stomach pain, bloating or chest pain can be dangerous.

Gastrointestinal cancer refers to cancer in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and accessory organs of digestion, including the esophagus, stomach, biliary system, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. Gastrointestinal Cancer cases (both incidences and mortality) are continuously increasing in India. Here are few risk factors to check out for and few healthy ways to battle this deadly disease.

Eat Healthy for A Healthy Gut

People who have large amounts of smoked foods, salted fish and meat, and pickled vegetables are at an increased risk of gastrointestinal cancer. On the other hand, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of developing GI cancer.

Tobacco Use

Smoking increases gastrointestinal cancer risk, particularly for cancers of the upper portion of the stomach near the esophagus. According to American Cancer Research the rate of stomach cancer is about doubled in smokers.

Keep a Check on Your Weight

Several studies have shown that obesity is one of the main preventable causes of cancer. Obesity or being overweight increases the chances of developing GI Cancers like Stomach cancer, Colorectal, Esophageal, Pancreatic, Gall Bladder along with other cancers of the body.

Stay Active

Regular exercise has a number of positive biological effects on the body. Several researches have proved that a higher level of physical activity reduces the risk of developing several cancers. Being active also helps in keeping a healthy weight and maintaining a good digestion which again lowers the chance of developing cancer.

Regular Screenings

Regular screenings and tests can help detect cancers early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. Several studies have proved that early detection of cancer increases the chances of survival, hence it is important to detect this deadly disease in its early stages.

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