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Cervical Cancer Myths Debunked

September 11, 2018

Myth No. 1
Cervical cancer won’t happen to me because it doesn’t run in my family.

Fact: Most cervical cancers are caused by specific types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is spread by skin contact during vaginal, oral, or anal sex with someone who has the virus. HPV is so common that almost every sexually active person will get it at some time in their life if they have not had the HPV vaccine. Although HPV is very common, few men and women will go on to develop cancer. The lack of a family history of cervical cancer is not a predictor of cervical cancer and is not a reason to skip screening.

Myth No. 2
I don’t need screening because I don’t have any symptoms.

Fact: A screening test is done to find anything abnormal in otherwise healthy people who are not having any symptoms. When there are symptoms, a diagnostic test is done to find out the cause of
the symptoms. Women with abnormal cervical cells aren’t likely to experience any symptoms. But abnormal cells can still be detected by screening. Women should not wait for symptoms to get
screened. However, if you have any unexplained bleeding, don’t wait. See a doctor right away to find out why.

Myth No. 3
Screening is unnecessary because if I have cervical cancer it can’t be treated anyway.

Fact: Screening helps prevent cervical cancer. Screening finds abnormal cells on the cervix so they can be treated before they turn into cancer. It also helps find cervical cancer early, when treatment works best. Women who don’t get screened regularly miss the opportunity to detect abnormal cervical tissue early, when treatment is very effective.

September is Gynaec Cancer Awareness Month.
Join us in our effort to spread the word.
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