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Dear Men, Ignorance Can Be Dangerous

February 26, 2019

Breast Cancer in Men
Breast Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed in women. Despite the increase in number of cases each year, the awareness about breast cancer is relatively low in India and there are certain myths prevalent about this disease. One such myth is ‘Breast Cancer is a Female Disease’. Although women are more likely to get affected by breast cancer than men, but men can get it in rare cases too. Read on to find out more about male breast cancer.

Awareness Can Make a Difference

There are ample of breast cancer prevention and awareness campaigns, but hardly few are targeted towards men. Many men in India aren’t even aware that breast cancer can affect them too, so early symptoms such as painless lumps often go ignored. By the time more severe symptoms are apparent, the disease is already in its more serious stages – and the risk of mortality higher.

Identifying the Warning Signs

Symptoms of male breast cancer are similar as that in females. Visit a doctor immediately if you feel any lumps (painful or painless) in the breast. Itchiness, flaking of the nipple or discharge and bleeding from the nipple is another warning sign for Breast Cancer. Visit a doctor immediately if you observe sudden swelling, unevenness in breast size, inversion of nipple, enlargement of pores or pain in the breast.

Men at Higher Risks of Breast Cancer

Men with a history of breast cancer in their family, have an increased risk of getting affected by the disease. Obesity and higher levels of estrogen is another factor that triggers this disease, so obese males have higher chances of getting Breast Cancer. Ageing is another factor that leads to higher levels of estrogen, so elderly men are more prone to getting affected by the disease.

Regular Screenings for Men too

Occurrence of Breast Cancer in males is very rare, so they usually don’t opt for frequent screenings and tests; however a time to time breast self-exam and regular screening can help you prevent this disease. In case if you find anything suspicious, visit your doctor immediately.

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